BC 12.12 STS only

Digitally coded triple wireless transmission

STS stands for SIGMA TRANSMISSION SYSTEM. This interference-free digitally coded transmission system is used for all data from the speed, cadence, and heart rate transmitters.

The transmitters collate their signals and send the data package to the receiver integrated into the computer head. The transmitters also regularly send stored test data for data comparison purposes.


PC & MAC ready

SIGMA DATA CENTER evaluation software

Every model in the TOPLINE 2012 range can be connected to a PC or MAC using the optionally available docking station.

The SIGMA DATA CENTER evaluation software can be used to program the bike computer on your home computer and evaluate ride and training data. The software can also be used without the docking station. The data from the last ride can be manually entered and then evaluated in detail.


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Docking station

The new, dual-sided docking station is compatible with all TOPLINE 2009 and TOPLINE 2012 models.


Every new TOPLINE 2012 bike computer comes with a voucher to download the latest version of the DATA CENTER evaluation software.

Test version at:


BC 12.12 STS only

STS transmitter bracket

The soft, flexible bracket for the speed transmitter adapts to the shape and size of all forks and rear wheel struts. This ensures secure and reliable attachment.


Universal bracket

BC 12.12 only

All in one

With the universal bracket, wired bike computers can be effortlessly installed:

  • Just one cable length for front or rear wheel mounting
  • Attachment of the contacts for bike 1 or 2
  • Attachment of the cadence contacts.


Accessories and spare parts

Compatible with TOPLINE 2009

All TOPLINE 2009 accessories and spare parts can also be used for TOPLINE 2012.